Hi. Welcome to DorkItUp.com.

I obsess over making the right decisions on purchases, financial strategies, and getting a good deal. I spend way too much time researching available options. I’m very pleased when I find just the right thing for my needs, and incredibly disappointed when I’m not fully satisfied with something I’ve purchased or done.

I thought that maybe I should share the details on things I’ve purchased and other decisions I’ve made. Sharing this info might either:

  1. Help less dorky people make good decisions on what they want and get better stuff with less effort, by providing direct recommendations and a bit of background info.
  2. Help and enable other dorks like me, by pointing them to good and deep sources of info, so they can dork it up too.

I’m an engineer. So I like understanding how things work, and I get into the details. I also like to frame my decisions around functional requirements. If you think you need something (a product, service, etc.), first determine what your functional requirements are, and then find the solution that meets these functional requirements. There is no “best” product or solution for everyone, since everyone may have different functional requirements. However, I have pretty typical needs, so I like to think that the things that work well for me might be pretty good choices for other people too.

There are lots of product review and recommendation websites out there. Some sites might give good recommendations, but don’t give enough details or data to convince me why their recommendation is good. Some sites focus on the “best” product, but there is no such thing. Some sites proclaim everything is good, which doesn’t help me decide at all! Some sites are useless and scammy, presenting the reader the “ten best” of something, with no content of substance or value.

I aim for this site to be different, and hopefully useful for you. I’ll give you a recommendation for one good thing at a time that meets MY functional requirements, and the details of how I got there. You can then decide on your own if that thing would be good for you too. I’ll try to suggest other things too that might meet different functional requirements. Enjoy!

I have affiliate links on this site, and if you use them to buy the recommended item, or anything on that retailers site after you click the link, I may get a small commission. I will only link to products I truly recommend, and to retailers I personally use. With your support, I’ll have the time and motivation to expand this site and make more recommendations to you. Thank you!

Contact: info@dorkitup.com